Through education we can change our destiny

SHIKARPUR – For Noor-e-Mubeen entire country is her home, as her family is scattered all across Pakistan. Her native place is Peshawar, but they moved to Balochistan, because her mother was posted as principal of Taaleem Foundation Grammar School Mastung.

Talking to the media, Noor, who at present is a student of foundation semester at Sukkur’s IBA University, said, “My father died while I was a kid and that’s where my mother took charge of the family and played the role of a mother and father at the same time. My mother, being a visionary woman, believes in freedom for all without any discrimination on the basis of gender. And therefore she provided equal chance to me and my siblings.”

She went on telling, “I went to Pak-Turk International School and College in Islamabad and completed my secondary and higher secondary education there. My younger brother still studies in Pak-Turk School Lahore and my sister studies at Pak-Turk School Islamabad.”

She is optimistic that, after completing her foundation semester, she will be able to get scholarship which would help her realise her dream of becoming a software engineer. “It is high time for us to adhere to the changing technologies, because if we stay away from these, our future will be bleak,” she said.

She further desires to seek higher education from abroad and return back to Pakistan with most modern technologies to benefit the people of underprivileged areas.

According to her, there are many ways and means to introduce modern technologies in the underprivileged areas, like E-Learning, evaluation system through CBTS, bio-metric process from attendance of staff and students in educational institutes.

Besides bringing reforms in education sector, I would like to make a software to better health facilities in the backward areas.

“It is an irony that in our society people still take woman as a machine which produces children and takes care of household,” she said, and added, “I would like to visit such underprivileged areas and apply my higher education to make the people believe that woman has the power to write her own destiny and break all barriers, stopping her from development.” 

Our women, she said, needed help to cope with the challenges of 21st century in different sectors, including education, health, career and others. Talking about the increasing cyber crimes, she said, “I want to create awareness among women against these crimes and give them the courage to defeat the male- dominated society.

Abdul Salam Brohi belongs to Shahpur Chakar town of district Sanghar. After completing his higher secondary education from Govt. Boys Higher Secondary School Shahpur Chakar, he started thinking as to where to go for higher education. “I tried to seek admission in different universities, but could not afford to pay huge fees,” he said, and added, “My father is a peasant and my elder brothers help him in his hard toil. One day one of my friends told me about the Sukkur IBA University, which offers scholarships to the needed and talented students on merit,” he added. According to him, he sat for the test for NTHP and was lucky enough to be selected. Now I am studying in foundation semester for last five months and besides getting free books and boarding facilities, also getting Rs. 4000 per month as stipend. Hoping to clear my foundation semester with flying colors, after which I will opt for BBA and go out to serve my people and especially my parents, he resolved. Belonging to a poor family, Pawan Kumar hails from Sadiqabad Punjab. My father is a labourer and therefore could not afford to send us to any university for higher education, he said.

As far my father is concerned, he earns too little to feed the family of eight, he went on telling, my younger brother is a shoe-maker, but he too earns little. I quit education after passing middle, because it was not possible for my father to help me seek further education and thus I started to work at a tailoring shop to earn some money. After one year of tailoring I joined school once again without informing my family and did matriculation from Govt. Ajmal Bagh High School Sadiqabad.

Then I got admission in Govt. Degree College and passed intermediate, he told. I went for entry tests in many universities and succeeded in getting admission in five universities but their fee was not affordable for me, he said. Finally I got admission in Sukkur IBA University under OGDCL (NTHP) fully funded scholarship, he said. I am so lucky that, despite my education from the government institutes and hailing from a poor family, today I am studying at Sukkur IBA University, Pawan Kumar said.  Today I am the part of Sukkur IBA University and my family and community is very glad. At Sukkur IBA University, there is no discrimination of religion and region, he added.

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