Corruption in Pakistan

It is fair to assume that corruption is very common in Pakistan. And the people are not being punished by government and also we don’t know that government is impose or he himself adamantine this crime. And for this recent people are also worked hard to argue and cornice the people bur they were unsuccessful. Because it is not airily to be done and also for it everyone if to be each other and should beware. Besides, due to corruption hundreds of thousands embarrassment hundreds and thousands of people are facing, and also by corruption rich people are doing appropriate on slum areas. Furthermore, instead of eliminating this problem being increased. And also recent people are doing their imagine and many people are not able to live their life happy. And for this problem the government should do boasting so likely this problem can be eliminate easily, and at last I want to request to the government that he should stop corruption. 


Kech, December 17. 

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