Govt asked to reduce RD on Iranian tiles

ISLAMABAD : Chairman of the Association of Builders and Developers of Pakistan (ABAD) has said that the government should reduce regulatory duty (RD) on Iranian products to enhance trade ties with Iran.

In an interview with Iranian news agency, Arif Yousuf Jeewa said that Iranian tiles and other products are high in standards and should be promoted in Pakistan. “The quality of Iranian tile and ceramic is very good. We have checked it carefully and found it according to all international levels,” he said.

He added that Iran’s commercial attaché in Pakistan Morad Ne’mati Zargaran along with his delegation comprising tile manufactures had visited the office of ABAD to discuss prospects of enhanced trade ties between Iran and Pakistan.

He said that MoU was also signed with the Iranian exporters to this end. “We will approach the government of Pakistan to reduce Regulatory Duty (RD) on the Iran tiles, instead of importing tiles from European countries we would like to import tiles from Iran which is our immediate neighbor,” said the Pakistani trader. “We would like to use the product of our brotherly Islamic state not only because Iran is our neighbor but the quality of the Iranian products is very high. Being businessmen we prefer high quality products to satisfy our buyers,” added Arif Yousuf Jeewa.

 “We are very hopeful to get a positive response from the government in this regard. We have also agreed with Ne’mati that we will hold a joint meeting with Pakistan’s commerce minister to have better trade ties with Iran,” said the Pakistani trade activist.

Meanwhile, Iran’s commercial attaché in Pakistan Morad Ne’mati Zargaran said that value of Iran’s tile and ceramic exports to Pakistan until the end of this year will reach more than 30 million dollars, which shows growth of around 50 percent as compared with last year.

According to statistics, since the beginning of the year from March 21 to November 21 around 8.5 million square meters of tile and ceramic worth 20 million dollars were exported to Pakistan and it is hoped that the amount will increase to 30 million dollars by the end of this year (March 20, 2018), Radio Tehran reported. He reminded the tile and ceramic are Iran’s second export items to Pakistan after bitumen and oil.

Zargaran said that Pakistan’s use of tile and ceramic is 100 million square meters annually, of which 20 million square meters are produced domestically and 80 million square meters are imported from abroad.


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