Journalists manhandled

ISLAMABAD – As per expectations huge controversy was witnessed as Pakistan Sports Board completely failed to facilitate sports journalists and deprived number of genuine sports journalists from covering the final day proceedings.

At one end, in the name of security of PM, sports journalists, dignitaries and others were barred from taking mobile phones, water bottles or any other stuff with them inside the Liaqat Gymnasium. While on the other hand, the PSB employees were given free hand to take their uninvited guests with them with full protocol. They were free to take mobile phones with them while other eatables and water bottles were provided to them without any disturbance. PSB Media Director, Muhamamd Azam Dar despite several requests not only declined to lend helping hand but also refused to help sports journalists. He flatly refused to provide drinking water and refused to help sports journalists in helping them enter the venue. He not only used highly objectionable language but also threatened of dire consequences. It is highly interesting to mention that the said gentlemen doesn’t have any valid degree and despite number of inquires conducted against him that proved he has fake degrees, he is still enjoying all the limelight, as he is known to be the yes man of every coming DG.

It was also sad to witness that sports journalists Shakir Abbasi and Zubair Ali Khan were stopped at the entrance by PM security staff. Despite showing valid accreditation cards and arriving well before the time at the venue, Azam Dar refused to help. When this scribe contracted Director General Pakistan Sports Board Dr Akhtar Nawaz Ganejra and informed him about the entire issue, Ganjera not only apologised but also came forward and take stranded sports journalists inside the venue. He promised to conduct inquiry and bring the culprit to task. “I am highly grateful to my sports journalists community as they are all my eyes and ears and they made this event a huge success. I regret what happened to senior sports journalists and former RISJA secretary Shakir Abbasi and personally seek forgiveness.” On Ganjera’s assurances, RISJA newly-elected secretary Nasir Abbas Naqvi announced to postpone giving a strike call till January 2, in case action not taken against Dar and others and said they reserved the right to announce next course of action.

Sharing his views journalist Raja Mohsin Ijazsaid it was a deliberate attempt from few certain individuals to spoil excellent working relations between RISJA and PSB. He said Ganjera is a man of words and hoped he will provide justice to those, who always stand shoulder-to-shoulder with the PSB and provided excessive converge to every event.

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