Lesco official accused of corruption

KASUR – A Lesco lineman was accused of building big houses, bungalows and farm houses through the money he takes from citizens in shape of huge bribes.

During a survey conducted by The Nation, local power consumers alleged that the lineman, Javed Ghani, takes Rs5,000 as bribe for replacing an out of order electricity meter with a new one. Similarly, he takes Rs1 million to provide electricity connection to farmers for agricultural needs, they added.

A local, Ashfaq, informed The Nation that the lineman had taken Rs850,000 from him for providing him electricity connection and for the installation of seven poles and a 25kv electricity transformers within a month. “But despite the lapse of eight months, the lineman has not fulfilled his promise,” he regretted, alleging that the accused has received the transformer and power connectors from the Lesco storeroom but demands more money for execution of the work. “Javed Ghani has made other Lesco officials his partners in crime,” he alleged.

When contacted, Javed answered angrily saying he is not the only one involved in corruption. He said no can stop him from what he is doing.

Ashfaq and other locals appealed to Director Anti-Corruption Establishment and the Lesco higher-ups to take a stern action against the accused. They also demanded the authorities concerned recover the money Javed Ghani had taken from them as bribe. They demanded installation of electricity poles and transformer in their area.

Lesco Kasur sub engineer M Qamar was in Lahore for an important official meeting when a call was made to him for his comment.

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