Mcdonald’s needs attention

I have been working part time at Mcdonald’s Autobhan for last 2 year but have seen much injustice especially with crew. As for as I read the prospect of Mcdonald’s it prefers crew and customers but unfortunately, the management of Mcdonald’s Autobhan is totally against its prospect. The managers and crew trainers do injustice with crew I have faced many times injustice and abuses, still I am bearing a lot of injustice but it’s my compulsion to bear because Mcdonald’s is my only resource which supports me in my studies.  

It is multinational company where must be equality and opportunities for moving forward, as I was performing very well soon the R.M promoted me as CCR so called whenever, I talked with him that sir you have promoted me and you make me work of CCR but you do not provide me it’s compensate which I am deserved, he said we promoted you so called. Many times he threated me that if you will complain at head office I will kick you out from job, I remained silent for saving my job because it’s my studies support.  

Again I wrote letter to R.M Restaurant Manager to leave shave because doctor said me that you have skin energy, so avoid from regular shave, I took that medical to R.M and showed him that Doctor strictly prohibited me to regular shave again RM refused and didn’t accept my letter. I complained OC operational consultant Sir Shujat to take serious step against this injustice even he didn’t take any step yet. So it’s my humble request to most respected sir Sultan Lakhani to take serious steps against Managements and provide justice to employee and crew which they are deserved. 


Hyderabad, December 17. 


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