NCA bachelors degree show opens

LAHORE – The annual bachelors degree show of National College of Arts opened at Zahoorul Akhlaq Gallery Friday.

NCA Principal Murtaza Jafri and Punjab Governor Rafique Rajwana inaugurated the show. This year 200 students displayed their work highlighting social issues through their artworks.  

Talking to the media, the governor said: “NCA has always taken the leader in promoting art. Every year the viewers get educated through this exhibition and I enjoyed the talent and efforts of this institute.”

Murtaza Jafri said, “Degree show is one of the most important event in art world and education in Pakistan. People from all walks of life come to attend it. The students have done a fabulous job, everyone must come and visit this exhibition.

Student Fizza Hussain said her work reflected how world is resurrected with the spread of foliage, plants and animals, in which more than the representation of a certain time or specific place, a feeling of fear, uncertainly and vastness is communicated.

Another student Noreen Jahan said, “The scale of my work is usually very big as my style is installation. With close observation and sensitive process, I tried to transform ordinary materials into something extraordinary. My goal was to make people look more carefully at the world around them, to discover beauty in the ordinary materials of daily life. For this project the materials that I have chosen were plastic bags, used bricks and water packaging bags. I have treated and arranged these materials in such a way that they are experiential, interactive and visually moving,” she said.

The exhibition will remain open for public till January 15.

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