Negligence, corruption concern people greatly

KASUR –  People’s wellbeing largely depends on better healthcare. A common man is, therefore, conscious of health facilities as it concern not only his physical fitness but also life.

According to a survey report, modern healthcare is an unfulfilled dream in Kasur district just like other necessities i.e. employment, clean drinking water, education etc. Like other state sectors, the health department has destroyed due to prevailing nepotism, favouritism and corruption from small bribes to huge funds embezzlement.

Unfortunately, Pakistan globally stands at lowest position when it comes to modern healthcare. Whilst Punjab Chief Minister Shehbaz Sharif has been working hard for the uplift of all the state sectors, his efforts cannot bear fruit unless stern action against the black sheep in the health department. Exemplary punishments to corrupt elements are needed to make progress in the health sector. It is witnessed at public hospitals of Kasur district that poor people are fleeced and deprived of their savings. Medical and paramedical staff at these hospitals is indifferent to its duty. Instead of paying attention to the patients’ woes, doctors take more interest in making incentives by prescribing drugs of different companies. There happens only trade at these hospitals under the guise of ‘service to humanity’.

Worst healthcare and prescription of different medicines by doctors at public hospitals also threaten health of people, especially children. The young generation would suffer a lot from health problems due to frequent consumption of medicines. According to medical experts, the drugs consumed frequently badly affect and weaken immune system of the man. The frequent drug consumption also affects the health of a mother and the baby growing inside her. This situation would go out of control if stringent measures are not taken for establishing health sector in line with the modern healthcare. Next generations would never forgive their forefathers for leaving them in the quagmire of health problems.

Resident of different areas of Kasur district say that health problems worsened after the posting of Dr Abdul Majeed as chief executive officer of district health authority. They flayed Dr Abdul Majeed for betraying his oath to serve and facilitate the ailing humanity. They alleged that the officer has turned the health department a hub of corruption, adding that officials of the health department at his instigation blackmail innocent people into paying money as bribes on one pretext or the other. “All illegal practices in the health department are being supervised by the CEO health,” they said.

Since his posting in Kasur district, there has been witnessed a sudden rise in medical and dental clinics being run by quacks.

These self-proclaimed medical practitioners display boards showing their degrees outside their clinics. But in actuality, these quacks who pose themselves to be doctors and dentists are semi-literate and are ignorant of the measures necessary for carrying out treatment of a patient. They do not know even ABC of medical sciences but conduct small operations and child deliveries at their clinics. The lack of proper check by the administration endangers precious lives of the poor people. The gravest thing is that these quacks do not possess licenses for medical practice and have been practicing illegally. Consequently, they are playing havoc with public health under the nose of the health authority.

Besides their ignorance about oral treatment and modern sterilisation methods, there is worst cleanliness at clinics of the quacks. They do not bother to clean the instruments which they use for treatment. They take out an instrument from one’s mouth and put into another’s. In this way, they transmit diseases from one person to another.

Officials are inactive as usual. They do not bother to come out of their air-conditioned offices to witness public problems with their own eyes. They consider it enough to issue order to their subordinates on cell phones.

Moreover, there are a number of medical stores in the district selling substandard and counterfeit medicines. These stores are allegedly involved in selling intoxicating pills to drug-addicts. It is not less than a menace to the society. Getting a license for medical clinic is not a difficult task here. It costs only Rs10,000 which is paid to the health officials as bribe. Salesmen at these stores pose themselves to be doctor before innocent and illiterate public and prescribe them medicines. It has been learn that the lady health workers are allegedly forced into paying money to the health department higher-ups. A health worker can get his transfer orders by paying money to the local health authorities.

On the other hand, negligence and inordinate delay by the officials in fumigation has given rise to mosquitoes and flies in the district, raising alarm about the ‘imminent’ outbreak of Dengue, Malaria and other mosquito-borne diseases. Due to lack of fumigation, mosquitoes and flies have started ‘attacking’ the people and have made their nights restless. Residents complain about rising number of mosquitoes, especially their abundance at night. They regretted that the district administration has failed to carry out fumigation for the elimination of breeding grounds for mosquitoes which has been giving rise to Malaria cases in the district. Besides mosquitoes, the excessive number of flying insects is also causing different diseases. They alleged that the Health Department spends millions of rupees on walks and holding seminars but does not bother practical work, which is fumigation to eliminate the insects. Funds allocated for dengue eradication are either embezzled or spent for holding walks and seminars. They said that Kasur CEO Health Abdul Majeed refuses to respond to their questions put about the funds meant for fumigation for the elimination of flying insects.

Social and political figures have appealed to Punjab Chief Minister Shehbaz Sharif take notice of the negligence on the part of the health officials. They demanded the government carry out an inquiry into delay in fumigation and usage of funds to ascertain facts. They demanded action against the CEO health for being negligent and indifferent to his duty.

When contacted, Dr Abdul Majeed rejected the allegations levelled against him. He claimed he is working hard for the public welfare.


Muhammad ashraf mehar

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