Safety seminar for electricity staff held

HAFIZABAD –  The Hydro-Electric Central Labour Workers Union leaders called upon the field workers to take preventive measures to save them from fatal incidents.

Addressing a safety seminar, Zonal Vice Chairman Zulfiqar Ali Tarar said that all the field staff had been provided with preventive kits so they avail the facility while working on poles and transformers for rectifying defects.

He said that most of the fatal incidents take place as the workers ignored utilisation of safety kits. He said that those workers found ignoring use of the safety kits would not be tolerated. He, however, said that those perform their duties diligently would be awarded one month bonus salary.

He said that the union under the leadership of Khursheed Ahmad would continue to protect the rights of Wapda employees. He urged them to perform their duties honestly and with commitment.


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