Shopkeepers fleecing consumers

KASUR –  Shopkeepers are fleecing consumers in Kasur district as the administration is least bothered to play any effective role to provide relief to the public.

It has been learnt that prices of daily use commodities have been sky-rocketed amidst apathy of the authorities concerned.

Due to lack of effective check by the administration and market committee, shopkeepers and the fruit and vegetable vendors across the district are fleecing buyers.

By increasing the price of every daily-use commodity, they are causing serious problems for the poor public. Similarly, the hoarders have created artificial shortage of staple foods. They intend to double their profit when people would be forced to buy daily-use commodities at exorbitant prices due to their shortage.

Talking to The Nation, people said the government, on the one hand, claims unprecedented boost in the national’s economy but on the other hand, fails to provide staple foods on subsidised rates.

“It simply means the government tells lie to the public,” they regretted. They flayed the government over its failure to ensure the sale of foodstuff at officially-fixed rates.

They urged the government to consider the public problems and ensure sale of staple foods at cheaper prices. They also demanded stern action against profiteers and hoarders who violate the government’s directions and fleece the poor public.





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