Six-month old dies due to doctors’ ‘negligence’

Rawalpindi-A six month old girl has died due to alleged negligence of doctors at Holy Family Hospital, informed sources on Friday.

The parents of the deceased identified as Mintaha Kashif have tendered an application with Medical Superintendent HFH seeking action against the responsible doctors, they said.

According to sources, a six month old girl Mintaha was brought to HFH by her parents for medical treatment.

The parents claimed the doctors had not paid attention to the ailing baby girl and injected her with a canola improperly causing infection in her arm and other parts of body.

As a result, the girl died at the hospital causing unrest in the hospital premises, sources added. Kashif Nahim, the father of girl, has lodged a complaint with MS HFH and sought action against the doctors.

When contacted, MS HFH Dr Shehzad denied that the baby girl died in the hospital. He said the parents brought their ailing daughter to HFH where doctors provided her adequate medical treatment and discharged her after recovery.

“The girl died at her home not in the hospital,” said MS. He said he has not received any complaint from parents against doctors. “I will hold inquiry into the incident if parents lodge complaint with my office,” said Dr Shehzad.

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