Well-earning slaves

Do you remember when it was last when you had a day off or went on a vacation with your family? Are you constantly worried about your performance or rather the way it’s perceived by your manager? Or your work-life balance has been totally disturbed? Ok so you are diagnosed of a fetal disease “corporate slavery”, which has dissipated happiness form lives of many and still keeping countless employees victimized. 

According to experts monotonous office life is not plain boring but rather dangerous leaving detrimental effects on individual, holistically resulting in a physical, emotional and a physiological burnout. It’s time for you to be out of vicious circle forcing you not to deviate from such enslaving, stop measuring your self-esteem on fragile basis of social status rather set forth realistic standards, believe in yourself and learn to be contended with what you have. Indulge yourself in a hobby, take your impending vacations, connect to your old friends, and revert to what brings you utmost happiness. It’s ok to a “behaved rebel” sometimes. 


Karachi, December 16. 

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