Women who made headlines in 2017

Maryam Nawaz

The daughter of former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif, Maryam’s favourite tool of communication is twitter. She accompanied her father to the court in Panama case. She boldly took responsibility of defending PML-N and her father in public. In fact she acted as the right-hand of her father and mother.  She ran the bye-election campaign of her under treatment mother very successfully and won her the NA-120 seat that had fallen vacant after the disqualification of Nawaz Sharif. She was ranked as 11th most powerful woman around the globe by the New York Times. She has emerged as a star on the political scene but she still faces a number of corruption charges, which she will have to clear to move ahead with her political career.

Ayesha Gulalai

She is a MNA selected on the nomination of PTI. Being one of the youngest parliamentarians, she used to be a backbencher in her party until one day she shook the world with an unusual tweet accusing PTI chief Imran Khan of harassment.

The tweet took the world to storm. She got a bad press, as well as good press reviews. Since then, she has been the most loved/most hated woman, depending on what side you are. She took courage to spark Pakistani #MeToo version. She has announced to make her own party. One never knows what she will be up to tomorrow.

Mahira Khan

She is everyone’s heartthrob and was ranked as Pakistan’s most beautiful woman in 2017. She is known for her pious roles in Pakistani dramas and hence role model for many girls. She left her fans heart-broken when her images with a sleepy, unconcerned Ranbir Kapoor while smoking appeared on social media. Some of her supporters defended her claiming her personal space while a whole lot of them bashed her for not practicing reel life in her real life. The scandal couldn’t stop her success and she once again emerged as everyone’s favorite in her film ‘Verna’.

Ghareeda Farooqi

She is witty; she is beautiful, and she is one of very popular and hard-working TV journalists. Yes, she has worked in a number of news channels as news presenter, reporter and anchor. On TV screen, she is very polite and soft spoke. And off the camera? Well, an audio clip tells all where she was heard screaming at her maid’s aunt, torturing her as well as abusing her thus leaving journalists’ role on camera and behind the camera under a question mark.

Muniba Mazari

She is an artist, model, activist, motivational speaker, singer, and television host who moves on a wheel chair after sustaining serious injuries in an accident at the age of 21. She is currently serving as the National Ambassador for UN Women Pakistan. Nothing could stop her from emerging as a sign of strength and motivation for many. She had a very clean and clear profile until her clash with her husband surfaced. She was sued by her former husband Khurram Shahzad on defamation charges. She denied the charges saying, “It has happened many times before, and I’ve always fought back gracefully without putting anything on social media! This time again I’ll keep this in the court! Peace and prayers!”

Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy

She is a journalist, a film-maker and an activist but Oscar-winning short films are what made her gain fame. She has won many awards for her short films highlighting the inequality with women. She also holds the honour of receiving Hilal-e-Imtiaz by the government of Pakistan. She holds many achievements with her name and hence is one of the young successful women of Pakistan. She gained bad press this year for a big fat blunder or let’s say over-smartness when she accused a doctor of harassing her sister in a Tweet. The incident cost doctor his reputation as well as job even when the ‘harassment’ charges weren’t appropriate. It resulted in backlash on her with people accusing her of ‘always defaming Pakistan.’

Shazia Akhter Baloch

She is a human right activist and teacher by profession, who was born in Balochistan’s Turbat area where education is not common specially for women. But, she has fought against all odds and now is serving as cultural ambassador for the United States. Despite surrounded by western culture, she never cut off from her roots and never spares a chance where she could promote her culture and Baloch tradition and become a voice of her people. The way she is grooming while rooted in conservative Baloch culture is an inspiration for many women like her.

Hibah Rahmani

She is a dreamer and that’s what made her reach the skies. She had been in love with stars and moon since her childhood when most of the girls are worried about fairies and dolls. She is an avionics and flight controls engineer in NASA’s Engineering and Technology Directorate, helping launch rockets from the Kennedy Space Center in Florida. “The happiest and most exciting moment of my job is to watch a rocket take off from the launch pad and go into space,” she says.

Life was not always bed of roses for her, as she had to travel with her mother and sister to “no-man’s-land” near the Iraqi-Jordanian border, when Iraqi troops invaded Kuwait in 1990. But she never stopped dreaming big and big and make those dreams come true. Her key to success is to set high goals and putting all her efforts to achieve those goals.

Dera Ismail Khan Girl

She is a common human being, a young girl in her teen years. Her only mistake was her gender. She was punished for her brother’s alleged wrongdoings. Village’s council had ruled to punish him by disrespecting his sister. One morning, when she was out for fetching water, some men attacked her, stripped her cloths, dragged her on ground and made her walk naked for an hour. No one from this so called honour seeking patriarchal society came forth to help the poor girl.


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