Blind murder mystery solved

Rawalpindi – Homicide Investigation Unit of Saddar Circle police solved mystery of a blind murder case by arresting the alleged killer, sources said on Saturday.

The suspect was identified as Muhammad Wasim, who had shot dead his 30-year-old sister (NM) in the name of honour on 9/2/2017 in Adhwal Village. A murder case was registered with the Police Station Chontra on complaint of Munir Akhter, father of the deceased, against unknown killers.

The sources revealed that the killer later implicated six men in the murder case. However, the said men were later cleared by the investigators, they added.  The investigators have obtained five days physical remand of the alleged killer from a court of law to recover the weapon he used in the crime, the sources said.

According to the sources, a team of the Homicide Investigation Unit (HIU), including sub-inspectors Arif and Abdul Latif, solved the blind murder case and arrested the alleged killer.

They said that area people brought into notice of Wasim that his sister had developed illicit relations with some men of the village, earning bad name for his family. On this, Wasim got infuriated and shot dead his sister in his house and later told the police that unknown men had killed his sister, the sources added.  On the applicant’s statement, the police picked up six men including Arshad from Chontra and grilled them but declared them not guilty. The investigators broadened the sphere of investigation and took two more suspects, Kanwal Bibi (aunt of Wasim) and Atif, a relative who confessed that Wasim killed his sister in the name of honour. Police arrested Wasim who also confessed his crime, the sources added.

SI Arif, when contacted, confirmed the development, saying that the police held Wasim for killing his sister in the name of honour.

“The killer has confessed his crime and the police have obtained his five days remand from court of area magistrate Yasir Musthaq for further investigation,” he said.

The investigator added that Misri Khan, husband of the deceased, was involved in killing two young boys in Chontra and was sentenced to death by a court of law. Since the death row convict was in Adiala Jail, he said, Wasim and his father Munir engineered a plan along with Azad Khan (brother of Misri) and Ashiq (nephew of Misri) to implicate complainants of the two murder cases in NM case in a bid to pressurise them to give pardon to Mirsi Khan and get him released from jail.

“We took the six suspects into custody and interrogated them but found nothing against them,” the SI said.

Arif added that two other suspects, Kanwal and Atif, were also picked and grilled by the investigators who exposed the conspiracy hatched by Wasim and others following which the police arrested Wasim who confessed his crime.


 He said that the police were trying to recover the weapon used in the murder from Wasim after obtaining his five days physical remand.

On the other hand, CPO Israr Ahmed Khan Abbasi appreciated efforts of the HIU investigators and announced commendatory certificates for them.


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