We live in a society where there are people who have much more than they need to live while others have barely enough to survive. People living there live lavishly or at least with all necessities satisfied, need to understand the struggle of those who have barely the vitals and fighting each day to meet their basic requirements. 

We witnessed last year when an effort for social betterment of poor, though it’s hard to make them opulent, bears a fruitful result in form of ‘Dewar E Mehrbani‘ in Iran which later on reached to Pakistan, first adapted by students of Bahria University with name of ‘wall of kindness’. Which undoubtedly saved many from reckless hazards of winters. Such successful humanitarian projects started by locals provide all a chance to consider it thoughtfully to how much do we contributed to the noble endeavor of helping needy? How much are those behind such projects are different from us? Isn’t there is a need for directing our energies for betterment of less privileged? Can’t we be among those striving to serve humanity? 

Even if not a massive stance that can be taken against poverty for now, even if it’s hard to make them affluent, let’s just assure to possible extent that this winter our needy have enough clothes to cover-up to be safe from dreadful cold. 

“A small effort can improvise life of many” 


Karachi, December 17.

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