Early rehab of dilapidated roads demanded

SADIQABAD-A number of busiest roads in Sadiqabad City are in dilapidated condition due to negligence of the authorities concerned.
Roads accidents have become frequent on these roads which include Jamaluddin Road and Ahmedpur Lamma Road. There are countless potholes on these roads causing accidents to the tractor-trolleys travelling for the transportation of cotton, sugarcane and other goods. According to residents of the city, none of the local lawmakers and Highway Department officials has ever bothered to ensure rehabilitation of these roads.
Locals including Nazakat, Ahsan Ali, Rao Dilshad, Asad Nawaz, Tahir, Nadeem and Afzal demanded the authorities take notice of the appalling condition of roads. They demanded early rehabilitation of the shabby roads so that they could have a safe and smooth drive.

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