Multiple resolutions adopted at NPT meeting

LAHORE – The 10th annual General Council meeting of Nazaria-i-Pakistan Trust (NPT), led by Vice Chairman NPT Prof Dr Rafique Ahmad, held here on Saturday.

The participants in the meeting discussed in detail the objectives of the Trust as well as the prevailing issues confronting the nation by and large. The meeting adopted a number of unanimous resolutions on the occasion.

A resolution condemned the US decision of shifting its embassy to Jerusalem and indiscriminate firing by Israel army on unarmed Palestinians. It demanded the US government withdraw its controversial decision that has led to instability in Middle East. The resolution also extended full support to the decision of the recently held conference of the 57 Islamic countries in Turkey according to which all Islamic countries recognise Jerusalem as the capital of the Palestine. The resolution also demanded setting up a free and independent Palestinian state. The resolution further suggested holding `Khuddar (sovereign) Pakistan Conferences’ across the country. The participants in the annual meeting adopted another resolution, stressing political parties to get united for a timely completion of China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC).

In another resolution, an appeal is made to the people to keep a watchful eye on those elements who are promoting sectarianism and provincialism. In the context of the energy crises prevailing in the country, a resolution urged the political parties to play their due role in construction of dams, particularly the Kalabagh Dam so that people could have low-cost electricity.


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