PML-N efforts for country’s development enumerated

OKARA-There have been occurring revolutionary changes in the country on account of positive policies of the PML-N government, said PML-N MNA Ch Nadeem Abbas Rebaira.
Talking to media, he claimed that Pakistan would emerge as a strong economy with the completion of mega development projects being carried out in all parts of the country. He advised the opposition parties to assist the government in its projects for public welfare. He claimed that the government has fulfilled its promises it had made with public. History is the witness that Pakistan makes progress whenever Nawaz Sharif comes to power. Mega projects for uplift of the country are introduced during the PML-N reign. End to loadshedding and network of highways and roads speak volumes about performance of the incumbent government. He said that the masses would reject the parties doing politics of violence in the country. “The PML-N would come to power in next polls with the public assistance,” he claimed.
The campaign by lawyers for the elections of District Bar Association (DBA) is in full swing. The polls would be conducted on January 13, 2018. Shakil Ahmed Ch is a strong candidate for the slot of DBA general secretary. He enjoys the support of many senior and juniors lawyers. There are bright chances for his victory in elections.
Talking to media, Shakil Ahmed said that he would initiate training workshops for junior lawyers which are crucial for their professional career. He also vowed to develop a relation of confidence between lawyers and judges. He said he would maintain the tradition of negotiation between the bar members.

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