Polish climbers committed to conquer K2 before schedule time

Islamabad: Polish climbers are fully committed to conquering one of the big feats of mountaineering K2 in 65 days.

The Poland Climbers members have stated this while addressing press conference that was held in connection with Poland National Winter K2 drive.

The Leader of Poland National Winter K2 drive Krzysztof Wielicki has said that conquering of K2 in such harsh weather is a great and difficult task and our team is fully committed to defeating this.

“Its a 65 days task and if the weather improves we could complete this challenging task before the issued schedule’ he added.

Responding a question regarding security, he said that we have no concern with security and we are fully satisfied with the security arrangements.

“We would try our level best to overcome this great and challenging task before March 12, 2018, and added, all arrangements have been finalized in this regard”.

Krzysztof Wielicki, 67-year-old who will run the 10-person expedition from K2 base camp, was the first to scale the world’s highest peak, Mount Everest, in the winter, nearly four decades ago.

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