PTI announces rally for sugarcane growers

KARACHI –  Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) here on Saturday, while expressing complete solidarity with the sugarcane growers of Sindh, announced to take out Insaf Kissan rally from Hyderabad to Karachi on January 3, 2018.

Addressing a press conference at the Insaf House, PTI Sindh chapter president Dr Arif Alvi, Haleem Adil Sheikh, Imran Ismail, Khuram Sherzaman, Dua Bhutto, Mehfooz Ursani and other leaders said that the sugarcane growers had been protesting for a long time but the Sindh government had turned deaf ear to their cries. Arif Alvi said the sugar mills of Sindh were being closed and opened on the orders of Anwar Majeed.

He said the federal and Sindh governments had already given a subsidy of Rs20 billion to the sugar millers, but still they were not ready to give the growers rate of Rs182 per Maund.

He said if the sugarcane was purchased at the rate offered by the millers, the miller mafia would get a profit of Rs36 billion while the growers would suffer the loss of Rs36 billion.

He said that the government itself was involved in the economic genocide of sugarcane growers.

Haleem Adil Sheikh said the rulers had been exploiting the growers of Sindh for long and not only the sugarcane growers but the growers of wheat, paddy, cotton and other crops were also not getting proper rates.

He said this cruelty had forced the growers to take to the streets. “Why sugarcane growers have to protest every year and why the crushing season is delayed,” he said, and added that not only the growers, but 84,000 workers related to this sector had also been rendered jobless.

He further said that the mighty millers had even disregarded the order of the high court, and the government was protecting the interests of the sugar mill mafia.

Sheikh said that Sindh was an agricultural province, but the corruption mafia was sucking the blood of innocent farmers. He said the miller mafia was also sucking the blood of sugarcane growers.

PTI leader said that now the people of Sindh fully knew that the government was playing the role of an agent of corruption mafia.

He said thousands of PTI workers, growers and citizens would march to the CM House on January 3, and hand a memorandum of their demands.

PTI MPA Khuram Sherzaman said that the party had raised a strong voice in the Sindh Assembly for the rights of farmes, but the government did not resolve their issues.

He demanded the court take control of a particular group of sugar mills so that the growers could be doled out justice.

Imran Ismail said that the Trading Corporation of Pakistan (TCP) should play its due role to end the exploitation of sugarcane growers.

He said if the government used force on Jan 3, a large movement would be initiated.

He said the politics of hologram is no answer to the plight of people and the rulers should adopt a serious attitude to solve burning issues of masses. He also condemned torture of journalists at a press conference of the PML-N.

Mehfooz Ursani said that the government had not only denied justice to the sugarcane growers, but it had also failed to give relief to the growers of other crops.

He said the PTI would not leave the growers of Sindh alone and would fully support them in their just struggle.

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