PTI awaits outcome of Sharifs’ Saudi visit

ISLAMABAD – Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf Saturday mulled over formally approaching the Saudi government to request it to refrain from brokering any backdoor settlement to give a safe exit to the Sharif family from the ongoing accountability drive against them.

An emergency meeting of the party’s media strategy committee held in the chair of Imran Khan at Bani Gala considered approaching the Saudi government over the issue.

A PTI leader said that the meeting was of the view that the Saudi government should take into consideration the political ground realities of Pakistan and value the wishes of majority of Pakistani people.

Iftikhar Durrani, Head of PTI Central Media Department, said that PTI would first await the outcome of meetings between former prime minister Nawaz Sharif and Punjab Chief Minister Shehbaz Sharif with the Saudi authorities before taking any final decision in this regard.

He said that PTI had demanded of the PML-N to disclose the purpose of the visit of CM Punjab to Saudi Arabia. “We will approach the Saudi government over the issue after the final outcome of these meetings,” he said adding that the PTI did not accept the role of Saudi Arabia and US in another NRO-like deal.

The ousted PM Nawaz Sharif left for Saudi Arabia Saturday while his younger brother CM Punjab Shahbaz Sharif is already there along with some senior PML-N leaders.

The chairman PTI is already of the view that Sharif brothers’ recent visits to Saudi Arabia are in connection with some backdoor talks aimed at getting yet another NRO-like deal for the Sharif family.

Addressing a press conference on last Friday, Imran Khan said that another NRO-like deal is in the offing and the PTI would start an agitation movement if the Sharif family got some safe exit in corruption cases against them through a foreign brokered deal. He had questioned that in what capacity the CM Punjab was visiting Saudi Arabia?

A statement issued by the party after the meeting said that senior leadership discussed in detail the possible objectives of Sharifs’ visit to Saudi Arabia. “Either it could be Saudi Arabia or the US, Sharifs this time will not be able to get any relief from anyone,” the statement said.

The statement further said that Sharifs were making every possible effort to avoid accountability but now they were left with no other option but to return the looted money of Pakistanis.

The meeting also discussed overall political situation in the country. It said that the PTI would support Pakistan Awami Tehreek’s Multi-parties Conference held in Lahore on Saturday and endorse its demands made during the conference.

The meeting also discussed ways and means to ensure early merger of FATA with KP and government’s delaying tactics in this regard.


INP adds: PTI Chairman Imran Khan continued his tirade against the Sharif family, saying their greed is becoming a national security threat for the country.

In his tweets, the PTI leader also mentioned that Pakistan has to suffer “constant humiliation” due to the greed of the Sharif brothers. He wrote: “For how long will Pakistan have to suffer the constant humiliation wrought on it by the greedy Sharif brothers dashing abroad seeking help from foreign leaders to save the wealth they plundered from the nation? The Sharifs greed is becoming a national security threat for Pak.”

Imran also implied that the visit of Sharif brothers to Saudi Arabia is to seek help from “foreign leaders” in order to save their wealth which has been plundered from the nation.

On Friday, Imran claimed that former premier Nawaz Sharif is trying to get another National Reconciliation Ordinance (NRO). “I think they would hold the legs of Saudi monarchs,” the PTI chief said, adding “Whether they go to Saudi Arabia, or touch Trump’s feet; it isn’t going to save their money.”

Imran said the reason Nawaz is “raising so much hue and cry over his ouster is that he is afraid the rest of his [ill-gotten] wealth would be disclosed next.”

The PTI chief further said Nawaz, Maryam and PML-N’s ministers are attacking the judiciary. He assured the courts that the entire nation stands with the judiciary.

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