Meet the intimidating Hareem Farooq

LAHORE-Lollywood hottie Hareem Farooq is talk of the town with her new release Parchi in which she stars opposite actor Ali Rehman. She has carved a niche in the film industry by doing a variety of roles with ease. Hareem has a knack of pulling off unexpected outfits in the most stunning way. In an exclusive interview with The Nation she talks about her upcoming film Parchi which is all set to be released on 5th January.

When asked how she ventured into acting, Hareem said that she always wanted to become an actor. “At first I did not take it very seriously. I was studying law when Osman Khalid Butt offered me a small role in his play because his actress refused to act at the eleventh hour. So, I gave the audition and was selected. From that day I decided that acting would be my career,” she explained.

When asked that she had always been behind the scene, but this time in Parchi she was playing a lead role, Hareem explained, “I thought the role of Janaan was not suitable for me at that time. I didn’t want people to think that I am producing the movie and benefiting from it by giving myself the lead role.”

About ‘Parchi’ to be released in Saudia Arabia, she was of the view that it was a proud moment for Pakistan that Parchi is the first Pakistani film going screened in Saudi Arabia. “It will help change the image of Pakistan internationally and prove the fact that it is a peaceful country. It also means that local cinema is moving towards in the right direction and has great future.

 “I’m playing the role of Eman. It’s a very energetic and funny character that has not ever been portrayed in any Lollywood or Bollywood film. Eman is a badass leading lady who shouldn’t be messed with,” Hareem stated.

Recently Shaan Shahid lashed out at critics when they wrote some negative reviews about his film, what’s your take on it? “Shaan Shahid is probably the only actor in Pakistan who has such long history of films but I think everyone has his own way of dealing with criticism. We should face the reality and except the fact that every film is not meant to be a box-office hit,” she said.

About her motivation in acting, she said, “I have a career that’s made up of so many different things. Each experience becomes a part of my professional life. As a creative person, you want to be part of films that excite you, challenge you and motivate you. As an actor I would like to be part of films that will help me leave behind an amazing body of work,” the actor said. 

About experience of working in film with Ali Rehman, she said that Ali was the calmest person she had ever worked with. “It was always a pleasure working with him because he was an actor with a bundle of talents,” she said.

When asked how she manages her personal and professional life, Hareem said, “I hardly get time for myself I prefer working for the revival of the cinema because I believe it needs me right now.”

About Pakistani cinema, Hareem told this scribe, “Lollywood is moving towards its revival and this wave of revival has not only grabbed the attention of the audience but has also allowed Pakistan to compete at the international film festivals.

“We have come to a point where production is increasing. If we look back then it was hardly four films used to be released in a year and now almost 17 films have released in 2017.

“The only problem is that our people compare every Pakistani film with Bollywood. We should understand that Bollywood is a bigger industry and it will take us time to compete with them.

“This time I would prefer to go for vacation. I am working on a couple of television serials and films soon will share these with my fans.” She opined about her upcoming project.


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