Guard loots ban k

KARACHI – Bank security guard accompanied by an accomplice fled away with jewellery worth millions of rupees after breaking lockers at a branch of a National Bank of Pakistan.

The branch of a bank looted is located at Golimar within the limits of Rizvia police station. police officials claimed that the branch was looted in between Sunday and Monday night by one of its own security guard and his comrade.

Security guard namely Saddam along with an unidentified associate, barged into the bank and get inside of the locker room where they successfully pried open 27 lockers and made off with some of their contents.

“The two men only took jewellery from the lockers, leaving the cash untouched,” said the police. “The robbers also took with them the CCTV camera footage and locked the main door of the bank before they left.”

Police officials said that both the robbers tied the night shift security guard with rope when the bank was opened in the Monday morning. The guard, Hidayatullah, was taken into custody by police for investigation. The police have also obtained the fingerprints from the site to ascertain the whereabouts of both suspects.

Police officials are trying to probe how the security alarms installed in the lockers’ section not functioned.

Police officials said that they were trying to ascertain if the robbers switched off the alarm through some technical method or it was the failure of the company installed the alarm in the bank.

The bank’s staff revealed that Saddam Khan hailed from Swat, was deployed at the bank from the last four days. Saddam was deployed in the bank for day security duty and the robbery incident occurred on the night shift. The police have registered an FIR No. 6/18 against the security guard while further investigation was underway.

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