Hercolubus or red planet

By Hajra Salim

Are you searching for a fascinating book written just to warn the humanity about the dangers of the upcoming years. And do you also want that book to be delivered at your doorstep and cost you nothing,no matter where you live? Then you had come to the right place because “Hercolubus or red planet” is a very thought provoking book. The genre of this book is  mainly Mystery, Sci-fi & Documentary. You can order the free copy of this book at “Alcione Association, a non profit organization (http://www.hercolubus.tv/)” and the free copy of this book will be delivered at your doorstep in a day or two. The author of this informative book was “V.M.Rabolu”.

 VM. Rabolu (1926 – 2000) was born in Tolima (Colombia). His real name was Joaquin Enrique Amortegui Valbuena. In 1952 he found the true Knowledge and struggled a lot polishing his skills and beliefs and today V.M. Rabolu is known as a spiritual guide for the whole world as he wrote an amazing book to wake the people and safe them from the struggles.

The book is prefaced with a message written by V.M.Rabolu:

“I have written this book with great sacrifice, lying in bed unable to stand or to sit up. But seeing the need to warn Humanity of the coming catastrophe, I made a great effort.

I dedicate this message to Humanity, as a last resort, because there is nothing else to do”


The author first mentions that the scientists do not trust him because of his physical health and also because they assume that he is mentally ill. V.M.Rabolu keeps on critizing the scientists because he believes that scientists are making fools of the Humanity and not highlighting the things that needs to be highlighted. Rabolu then describes the natural disasters such as Earthquakes, Tsunami, Volcanic Eruptions. The author also mentions “Nuclear tests and the oceans”. He describes that the fire within the Earth has already started to make contact with the water and cyclones have started to appear. And as cracks develop tidal waves and frightening occurences will take place in the sea and on the land. He also says that there is only one way to save ourselves and that is Astral Projection. He says, that we have to leave our bodies in this world and travel with our inner soul to a whole new world. Rabolu has mentioned several mantras and physical as well as mental exercises to make the projection possible. All the mantras and the practices are displayed in the book. Rabolu expresses his feelings about the people living on the other planets as he has openly admitted that he often travels and meets the people living on the other planets in the solar system. Rabolu describes the way they communicate, the way they dress and the way they express their feelings etc.

The book “Hercolubus or red planet” ends with a calming but alarming message by V.M.Rabolu:

“What I am affirming in this book is a prophecy that will be fullfilled very shortly, because I am certain about the end of the planet; I know it. I am not frightening, but warning, because I am distressed about this poor Humanity. These events will not be long in coming and there is no time to waste with illusory things.”

Published in Young Nation magazine on March 4, 2017 



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