CCTVs helped in resolving over 1,150 cases in Islamabad

Islamabad – Close-circuit cameras installed in the capital under safe city project helped in resolving over 1,150 cases of theft, snatching, kidnapping, accidents and murder since its inauguration on June 6, 2016, a police source revealed.

According to the source, more than 1,890 cameras had been installed in the capital city and another 104 were being installed. He said that 81 officials of Islamabad police were performing their duties under the project while case for approval of 309 posts was under process.

He said that the CCTV cameras were being used effectively for monitoring and surveillance of the city. Police stations are being informed regarding suspicious movement, person or vehicle through wireless and other sources, he added.

To make the project more effective, he said that various activities including movement of people as well as anti-social elements was being monitored round the clock. He said that a proactive strategy for better policing had been adopted while IT experts had been deployed at important points and wings to control terrorism and other crimes.

He said that personnel deployed at various sites of the project were being briefed properly to check activities of the visitors entering the Islamabad Capital Territory.

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