Teefa in Trouble teaser is out

Ali Zafar revealed the first official teaser of director Ahsan Rahim’s Teefa in Trouble, staging a first of its kind performance to a jam packed stadium at the opening ceremony of the Pakistan Super League.

Teefa in Trouble’s release date was announced for July 20. The teaser was released to over 20,000 people present at the stadium with Ali Zafar in the avatar of his film character Teefa, opening the ceremony, soaring across the stadium on an action packed hover-board for a ground breaking reveal, performing to an original song from the film.

He then returned to headline the ceremony with a special performance of his popular anthem for the Pakistan Super League, Dil Se Jaan Laga De.

Earlier in February, Ali Zafar gave his fans a sneak peek of the teaser featuring actors Faisal Qureshi and the iconic Javed Sheikh, leading to a massive nationwide Teefa Kaun Hai campaign.

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