Learning from imagination


Shimmy was a boy with a very tummy. He used to eat candies and chocolates all the time. He was selfish and no one liked him in the class. He always wanted to be the owner of a big chocolate factory. On way to his first day to new school, he came across a very big chocolate factory. He wanted to go inside, but he could not because the factory security was very strict. He kept thinking about the factory whole day. After coming back home he asked his mother, “Mom! Do you know there is a big chocolate factory near my school. I want to visit that factory.”

His mother asked him, “Shimmy dear! I know about that and I was expecting the same from you. I have a big surprise for you but that is a secret, I’ll tell you soon till then you have to wait.”

Now Shimmy was very excited for the surprise. Mother called Shimmy to have his lunch. After eating lunch, he went to sleep.

But wait! what is that? Shimmy heard a voice, this was his uncle Chiky, Shimmy suddenly jumped out of his bed and ran out to meet his beloved uncle. His uncle came from America to meet his family. Whenever uncle Chiky came to meet him, he brings lots of surprises along with plenty of chocolates and candies for his lovely nephew. His mom asked Shimmy that this was the surprise I was talking about. But his uncle added, “Sorry son this time I cannot spend more time with you because I have to go back this weekend.” After listening this Shimmy got sad. His uncle gave him magical glasses and said, “Shimmy these are the special glasses I bought for you.”

Shimmy replied, “But what is special in it?”

Uncle Chinky said, “Put these glasses on your eyes and imagine about your dream and these glasses will show you about your dream and its pros and cons, these are the “Imagination Glasses.”

Shimmy immediately put them on them and started thinking about his dream. He saw that he is the owner of that factory, there are a number of chocolate lakes, chocolate spoons and the rooms of factory are also made of chocolate and he just can see chocolate everywhere. Suddenly Shimmy felt like a Chocolate Monster and started eating all the chocolates and stopped the market supply of chocolates and rest of kids were crying for chocolate but due to Shimmy’s mean behavior and his graspingness, town get shortage of chocolate supplies. Shimmy gobbled almost all the chocolates of his factory and he was then transformed into a roly-poly and beefy mean boy, his cheeks swollen up, his big tummy was like it is going to burst. He became a giant ball and he was unable to move. Every worker of factory cursed him and resigned from their jobs. Shimmy was alone in the factory and was helpless. He started crying and wanted apology from everyone but soon he was arrested by the police due to breaking laws. He even cursed himself due to his selfishness.

Uncle Chinky was observing him he understood the situation so he immediately put off the imagination glasses from his eyes. Shimmy felt like he got another life. He hugged his uncle and thanked him because he opened his eyes and showed him the right path. He then told everything he observed and then promised his uncle that he will never demand anything like this and he will quit his selfish behavior.

Published in Young Nation Magazine on September 2, 2017

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