Pakistan’s role-reversal & rehearsal in theatre of Kurd-Turk ‘democratic-diplomacy’ paradigm

Ghouta is a prime example. In Islamic eschatological traditions, Ghouta has much relevance as importance is attached and attributed in terms of historical events during end of history. The end-game is in our sight but the strategy should be beyond obvious. Ghouta is symbolic roadmap through ‘democratic diplomacy’ towards resistance to Militaristic Status Quo.

‌This is an extremely important message for all those who understand the Kurdish issue. Soon, Kurds will have to recognise the truth about fifth generation information warfare and realise the volatility of prevailing dynamics in the existing conditions. Though, Kurds will be granted provincial or regional autonomy but creation of Kurdistan National Government is out of question. For me, the Kurdistan Independence Vote Referendum was symbolic on a level higher than mere call for creation of state based on ethnicity. Mam Jalal Talabani died one week after the referendum at a time when Turkey & Iran had decided to intervene in aftermath of Kurdistan Vote. Talabani was probably the only Statesman of Kurdish origin in modern times, whom the whole of Iraq recognised as their leader. He kept Iraq united in the aftermath of American invasion. He is remembered as an effective democratic diplomat. He even safeguarded the Kurdish interests through ‘balancing acts’ with other stakeholders in Iraq. The current head of Kurdish Regional Government, Neshirvan Barzani, hails from the rival group of politicians. There was a difference in approach of Barzanis and Talabanis. The Talabanis sought foreign intervention as their source of power but did not compromise on principle stands. Barzanis seek the State Government & neighbouring countries as their source of power, which helped the Kurds.

However, the Kurds are in a state of delusion, confusion and denial. That is not the point, though. The Kurds lack the leadership which can steer them out of crisis. The kurdish insecurity stems from the historical guiltiness of their lackness in projecting a central authourity who could unite them. Yes, American interventions changed the prospects for kurds but are they still independent? Nothing can be achieved on mere wishful thinking. Will independence based on geographical lines bring true prosperity to kurdish people?  This is a question of which they must find the answer. Kurdish security does not lie in reliance on the most powerful interventionist because that’ll only be about Status Quo. I pray for Kurdish quest but the definition and ultimate goal of uniting people based on ethnicity is something which is not clear neither as plan nor strategy. The Turks, Iraqis, Iranians and Syrians will not compromise on their status as Nation-State. If Subcontinent divided into Indo-Pak, it was because the Muslims had to sacrifice Khilafah (Institution of Caliphate) state for Nation-State. The higher ideal was to become a place of experiment of Islamic teachings and practices but such lofty goal cannot be achieved if Status Quo isn’t changed. Kurdish spirit of self-determination is crippled through the same militaristic status quo. It has been a historical process for over a millennia. Today, Kurds look towards US-EU-Israel (and even Indian influence) for its interests without having any policy, strategy or plan for dealing with the militaristic Status Quo of Pro-Israeli NATO. The war-madness of Pro-Israeli NATO has unleashed militarism in the worst form of oppression.

The Kurds, either in their innocence or ignorance, cannot create a centre of power which delivers them from woes of Chains set by natural and man-made forces. The Kurdish conscience about freedom was inherently built as reaction to oppression from others but obliviated any chance of redemption from mistakes of their own making; becoming oppressors on their own course of destiny. No central idea existed which could’ve saved the soul of Kurdish values. Yes! They got a chance to hold Independence referendum but are rather lost in the doom’s loop. Enough Problem-citing, what is the SOLUTION? The cure is to follow an Idea whose time has come. You cannot be on the wrong side of history and expect the Nature to still provide favours. Pakistan has drifted away from its true source or power. They vote for representatives who are thrown out of power whenever they try to take charge of power reins. The disease is prevalent to such extent that no Prime Minister has been allowed to complete his/her term over the 70 years period of time. Similarly, Kurdish people have lost true sense of central power stitched together by an Idea. Nothing can survive without force. If Power is given by force, the Natural phenomena registers the event or act as part of historical reality. However, Nature intervenes whenever power is taken by force. Kurds can survive the trial through their moral, democratic and constitutional struggle. This is how idea of Pakistan came into being but factor of realisation sought sacrifice of establishing Nation-State instead Khilafah State despite being sought in the name of religion. The course adopted and set during post-Independence clearly was a ‘tug of war’ between forces of status quo- to stop or prop ‘hack democracy.’

In Kurdistan, Barzanis have asserted authourity while Talabanis have dropped the struggle until an Idea is propagated which unites Kurds onto a platform which will help them to send their message effectively and in return, the world will listen. The time is here. The Kurdish quest spans for over millennium. Nature has led Kurds to right side of history at this decisive point in time, when junctures of all possible purposeful endeavours meet. When they do not have a Law of their land to determine their sovereignty, the Kurds can always turn to the gift of nature i.e. MORAL LAW IS THE HIGHEST LAW IN THE LAND. A nation that cannot discipline to learn, re-learn and unlearn cannot take advantage of Nature’s gifts. Kurds have this brilliant opportunity at their disposal. There should be no option of leaving it. Public Interest in context of National Interest serves as ‘check & balance’ against forcers that prevail as the status quo. In Pakistan, the militaristic status quo prevails in the garb of India-centrism and no one can criticise religious topics, openly. In Kurdistan, the leadership and people have no social construct to use public interest in order to uphold Moral Law as the Highest Law. Why is it necessary or important? Sacrifice is greatest weapon according to Nature and this ‘jihad’ is about moral, democratic and constitutional struggle which is common to how the idea and existence of Pakistan was achieved. To stand for truth, an intellect with backbone made of steel is the prerequisite required. To make it known, it must pass the ‘checks and balances.’ In this case, due to the absence of clear National interest, the discipline factor is Public Interest. In Pakistan, strict judicial decisions led to concerns about importance of vote in context of ‘Judge, Jury and Executioner’. In similar contrast, will the Kurds try their position of ‘SWOT Analysis’ in face of moral, leadership and identity crisis after Kurdish Independence Referendum Vote ? They cannot and should not rely on undemocratic forces which serve Militaristic Status Quo.

The strategic policy is the plan to inject Kurdish Nation with an idea that stands the test of time by placing them on the right side of history. This will discipline them in terms of conscience of a nation. Otherwise, Independence will prove futile. To me, Kurdistan can be real-world ‘Wakanda,’ where the greatest treasure of humanity and world lies but is yet to be unlocked for the right moment in time. What is the treasure and how to unlock it? Rule # 1: treasure requires sacrifice and struggle. Imam Hosein struggled and sacrificed in order to set an example in a manner which highlights the real dynamics about the power of truth i.e., Nature supports the oppressed over oppressor as a rule that never changes and today, the name of Hosein lives in heart, minds and souls of followers. The idea was to challenge the oppressor’s narrative i.e., which asserted that power can be taken by force. Erdogan’s Turkey intervened to demolish any attempts for destabilizing Syria and Iraq (SyRaq) corridor. The Governments elected and supported by the people in Middle East deserve support against militarism and militaristic status quo of Pro-Israeli NATO. Syria and Iraq did not become base for oppressors.

Today, the events in Ghouta demonstrate Nature’s role as a mechanism of accountability based upon principles of truth and reconciliation. Moral Law is the Highest Law and it stabilises and strengthens Public interest, whether National interest exists or not. It requires standing against oppressor and oppression, even those which exists within our own ranks and to not fall into ‘divide and rule.’ RULE # 2: No nation can reach success without disciplining themselves for accountability. Nothing can help achieve the goal but surrendering to or supporting an idea whose time has come. When nature intervenes in such manner, the believers refer to it as ‘Days Of Allah,’ i.e. when nature corrects our way to tread upon path of truth. This occurs as historical process leads Nation or people to be at the right side of history at a moment in time when Divine Providence, Nature’s retribution and God’s Intervention set stage for Truth to overcome all rivals of falsehood. In economy of nature, the destiny of nations is carved through conscience that accountability and discipline are two factors in overcoming trials, tribulations and challenges. Today, the whole world is entangled for its interest in Syria in an attempt to try and prove their power: Some intend to give power and some endeavor to snatch power in order to rise to the occassion. The irony of time is that Bashar and Trump are on one page against Kurds but Russia and Turkey are on opposing terms, leading to a situation in which Iran seeks to maneuver to its own liking and advantage. The fifth generation information warfare in Ghouta is being exploited at hands of various regional and global players in the geo-strategic chess board. Answer: ‘Democratic Diplomacy.’

This is the time when the Civil-Military leadership of Pakistan should act. Iraq Plan was not without a reason i.e., it was a strategic plan which served as policy in alignment with a natural purpose: Abandoning strategic depth for Pakistan’s unprecedented global role as part of correction mechanism to be at right side of history (explained in detail in my articles on Iraq Plan). On similar footing and terms, Kurdistan must reject the militaristic status quo of Pro-Israeli NATO on basis of Public Interest to serve the idea that Moral Law is the Highest Law, determining it as the most pivotal factor in establishing Kurdish conscience into an identity serving the idea that ‘Power can be given by force but not taken by force.’ This can potentially change the entire situation in Middle East and the world. Soon Israel will advance from regional to Global military dictatorship. The Israeli Global military dictatorship will seek to establish itself as the ruling state. At that moment in time, the Kurdish conscience about moral and democratic values will project a strong footing for entire EurAsian alliance in their attempt to oppose Militarism and Militaristic status quo of Pro-Israeli NATO. Pakistanis should value and be confident about their own moral, democratic and constitutional struggle in order to reject and stand against Status quo.

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