AFP chief lashes out at POA for violating constitution

ISLAMABAD-Athletics Federation of Pakistan (AFP) president Maj Gen (R) M Akram Sahi lashes out at top brass of Pakistan Olympic Association (POA) for violating the POA and AFP constitutions.

Some of the POA officials caused a huge embarrassment for the POA by obliging their blue-eyed associations in recently-held Inter-Provincial Games in Peshawar by inviting non-representative athletic associations from Balochistan and Sindh.

Talking to The Nation, Gen Sahi said: “I was out of country to attend the conference in Japan, when I was informed about the entire incident. When our representatives refused to accept the bogus athletes, the organisers failed to conduct athletics event, which made the games useless, as we all know athletics is mother of all sports. What is the purpose of conducting the games, when athletics event is not conducted,” he questioned.

He said he would take up the entire issue at the IAAF and every other available forum, as the AFP is duly affiliated with the POA and they violated their own constitution by trying to buck up parallel bodies, that’s the main reason behind decline of sports in Pakistan because genuine federations and athletes are left high and dry, while fake people are not only flopping miserably at international events but also earning bad name to the country.

He said they had conducted an emergency meeting of the AFP the other day and all the participants not only condemned the sheer violation of the IOC charter but also termed it a huge conspiracy against the AFP and athletes. The participants also expressed utter disappointment over the irresponsible behaviour of the POA top brass, who, rather than taking action against the spoilers for inflicting huge miseries on the POA and the event, preferred to keep quiet, which is highly deplorable.

“It was decided in the meeting that whatever happened in Peshawar was a well-planned conspiracy, while other federations representatives present during the meeting also expressed their utter dissatisfaction over POA handling of the things,” he added.

Gen Sahi said he didn’t want to spoil things, create unfriendly atmosphere and prolong the issue, as it would result in huge embarrassment for Pakistan at international level. “Keeping in mind National Games dates are yet to be finalized, it was also decided in principle to conduct the National Athletics Championship in Peshawar or Lahore in November and it was decided to consult with provinces before finalising the dates and announce the final dates in one-week time,” he concluded.

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