Hope of Joy

By: Sabene Rizvi.

Joy spent seventeen years of his life playing with puppets. He, now at the age of nineteen, wants to become a puppeteer but his parents say, “It’s just a hobby, not a job”.  Joy hopes one day his parents will understand. He argues day and night with his parents but they always say, “No” and he replies, “I want to be a puppeteer and it is a job”. His parents say, “Son, puppeteer’s earn less and are poor, why don’t you become a doctor like your brother”. He says, “I am I and not my brother”. An upset Joy runs out the door and arrives at a park. He sits upset on a bench when a parrot comes and sits on his shoulder to cheer him up. He is still upset and then the handmade puppets, his grandmother gave him 5 years ago appear and they were named, Smile and Laughter. Smile and Laughter say, What’s wrong Joy? Joy replies, “My parents wont let me become a puppeteer and I argue day and night”. Smile and Laughter say, “Don’t give up, one day they will agree”. Smile and Laughter put on a show and dance for Joy and as soon as they finish, Joy’s phone starts to ring. It’s his mom and she says, “Son, your father and I talked and if you want to be a puppeteer. Joy has the biggest smile. Smile and Laughter ask, what did she say? Joy replies, “My parents agreed and I will be a puppeteer”. Smile and Laughter say, “That’s great, bye Joy. We must go now” Joy with tears in his eyes says, “Good bye”. Joy met Smile and Laughter whenever he was upset and will continue to do so.

Published in Young Nation Magazine on April 28, 2018

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