Sakura offers a plethora of tastes on your plate

By Nida Tahseen

During times when cultures around the world are trying to rediscover their niche, Japanese food is the purest cuisine with the soul of originality and the face of novelty. Though, when I was first introduced to sushi in United States, I promised myself not to give it another try ever again. Now after four years, here I am yet again standing at the verge of exploding which the mouthful of four different types of sushi and shashimi available right in the heart of Lahore in Pearl Continental Hotel. I am one of those traditional and Italian food lovers who are ignorant about the variety of other cuisines and their bliss. But thankful, when a friend offered me Japanese cuisine dinner at Sakura, I said yes.

We were a party of five enthusiasts craving delicious food and complementary ambiance to brighten our evening.  To our delight, we found our perfect bliss in Sakura. The restaurant is located by the poolside and trees are illuminated with dangling lights which gives a moderate and magical look.

 The stunning pool side outdoor is an extension to add little natural novelty to the overall experience. It is an ideal place to dine in with friends and family. However, if you have taste for traditional sitting, then you may opt for the impressive indoor table settings.

Mesmerized by its elegant natural vibe, we sat in the outdoors.  Then emerged a conservatively dressed waiter with his perfect sense of restaurant ethics. He very politely showed us the menu and took our orders. Upon asking, he also suggested their best choices. Upon his recommendation we collectively ordered the Dobin Mushi soup with snapper and prawns. It was perfect start to an upcoming divine dining experience. They offer a good range of salads, but we directly jumped to the appetizers. Negimayaki and Edamame in a split second took us to the Japanese land as the names suggest, former are thinly sliced beef rolls served with spring onions and later Edamame was simmering with teriyaki sauce.

The main course was another reminiscing experience, we chose to go with truffle flavor grilled lobster, Pan fried yakisoba noodles with chicken and salmon teriyaki. The dishes were perfect in texture and as it goes, closest to the nature. Grilled lobster with truffle yaki was as colorful as the Japanese culture. Others were pure like Pacific, colorful like Hokkaido park and as rich as their culture. Lastly, the intricate choice of desserts can put any proud French into perpetual complex.

After familiarizing ourselves with Sakura, I can proudly say that it is probably the most impregnable cuisine in the world. Though their spices are rare but they dwarf those of India and Mexico in taste. It is no wonder when sushi is more famous than the rising sun of the east and wasabi sauce is a delight to have with it. The experience at Sakura leaves one with a plethora of tastes of the finest Japanese delicacies.  This is a tale of my al a cart dining, you must eye for their buffet variety on weekends too.



Appetizers      3/5

Main Course  4/5

Ambiance       3/5

Cost                 3/5

Service            3/5

Published in Young Nation Magazine on April 28, 2018

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