The Lonely Monkey                                                            


The story starts in a small, deserted island, which was located alongside a beautiful beach. It was actually very picturesque. Everything seemed calm and serene too. There were amazingly unique seashells, lying over and beneath the pinkish ivory sand. The cool breeze had its own sound that seemed like soft whispers of loving angels. There at the beach, lived a mischievous, brown monkey all by himself. The monkey felt dreadfully lonely as there was nobody with him. He was going through the thick and thin of life on his own.

Then, one sunny day, while the monkey was basking in the bright sun, he saw a huge fish, swimming into the deep blue water. The fish unexpectedly noticed the monkey, sitting behind a big grey rock. So, the fish told the monkey to follow it to another part of the island nearby. The fish also told the monkey that it could definitely make some new friends there. The monkey got extremely excited and knew that it would be a great time if he had friends around him. The monkey tried to swim, but it didn’t like the idea of being wet.

Finally, the monkey thought that it should chop down some trees, to make a small raft out of them. While he was getting ready to do so, the monkey saw an enormous green turtle inside a hole under some tall trees. The turtle told the monkey that it might help the monkey to travel to another island on its back, if he didn’t cut the trees. The monkey willingly accepted the brilliant idea. A cunning crocodile swimming beside them was carefully listening so, they quickly made their way out from the spot.

Soon, the monkey and the turtle reached the island. They noticed a lot of animals there like bears, flamingos, pelicans, deer and more monkeys. The monkey got very excited and happy, as he had found many animals, he could be friends with. The animals were also equally merry and happy as the monkey was friendly. While getting along, the monkey found a friendly and charming female monkey and wanted to marry her and so it happened. They were very happy with each other and had many cute kids.

Suddenly, one warm afternoon, there was a tempest, followed by heavy rain. Everything was misty. It was highly difficult to see anything. Young ones of all the animals were playing outside, when it all happened. The animal felt really nervous about their dear young ones and became anxiously panicked, but they all were very efficient and tried to grab their children to save them. The animals managed to secure their children under the palm sheds and tried to calm them. There was thunder and rumbling of the clouds. After a few hours everything settled down.

Published in Young Nation Magazine on April 28, 2018

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