Konio Monio

By Lehna Faraz

One day konio Monio were going to school, they saw a stranger standing in the way they ignored and went to school. Now daily they started watching that stranger is standing in their way and giving them smile. They avoid and ignore it. But one day the stranger called them and offered ice cream but Konio didn’t take it Monio tried to take it but Konio said our parents said not to take anything from strangers, grabbed his hand and took him to school. And when he came back he told his mother Baila that what Monio did today , she warned Monio not to talk again to that stranger. 

One day Konio Monio were going to school, Konio asked his brother to go to school I have to buy pen, then I’ll join you. Now as the stranger saw Monio coming alone he hurriedly approached him and offered him a chocolate. Monio looked here and there and took the chocolate from him stranger requested and insisted him to eat in front of him. Monio hesitated but stranger said if your brother saw the chocolate he will tell your mother. Monio quickly unwrapped the chocolate and ate it and got fainted. The stranger looked around, took him on his shoulder and ran away. 

Now Konio came to school he couldn’t find Monio in the class, he asked everyone where is Monio?? Has anybody seen him?? One class fellow replied yes I saw him he was talking to the strange cat. 

O God !!! Konio become worried , he ran to the principal’s office and told him that Konio has been kidnapped, the principal called the police. 

On the other hand the stranger took Monio to a very stinky and dark place where he saw many other cats lying down, in very bad condition. He asked them who are you? and why you are so weak? They told him that this big strange cat is very cruel beat us, make us do work, don’t give us food. If we don’t listen to him he will kill us too. O my God now the Monio started realizing why his mother warned him? He started crying bitterly suddenly he remembered that his mother told him that if you are in trouble seek Allah for help, He prayed Allah and cried and cried and ask for His help. 

Here Police made the sketch of the stranger with the help of Konio and within two days arrested the stranger and set free all the little kittens. Monio was so embarrassed and also thankful to Allah that He saved him, he said sorry to bother his mother and promised that next time he will be very careful. So dear children we should listen our elders they are more experienced and know more than us.

Published in Young Nation Magazine on May 05, 2018

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