Tip tip tip …! Rain started 

By Hamza Ali Marri

Taha Hussain was in his room doing homework of school . On the other day, he had to submit the copy for checking , in order to submit the copy he had to stay awake till midnight to complete the work . while he was busy in doing his work , suddenly the rain had taken a glow and the sound produced by the big  drops of rain were making him more frightened but he continued .

The reason behind staying awake at midnight was that , he was fond of cricket and it was Sunday so as per routine he went to play some cricket during the daytime . Where he played too much cricket which had made him so tired . For getting rid of tiredness he had a nap of sleep in noon , which again produced a negative impact , because that short interval of sleep had made him lazier than before .

Taha  promised himself ” I will not sleep without completing my work ” all of a movement a threatening sound of barking dogs touches his ears, they must have been chasing a vehicle as most of the dogs do in the Midnight . He was shocked by that act of dogs . somehow he forgot that and became busy in his work again . That was second shock  after the first one of the heavy rain . From the beginning of the rain hewas getting scared and scared in each passing moment .

Taha was about to finish his work , but God had some other ideas ….!! A heartbreaking sound have him the message that he still has to face other waves of hardships . 
Baaw ! ” Ohh no ! Had somebody dropped a bomb , no no it is the sound of firings ! but firings and now ?  no no  it is not possible ! Has the roof been destructed by heavy rain ? But why electric supply has stopped working ? Oh God ! I have to finish my work and submit it tomorrow otherwise my teacher will punish me .”He was mumbling and finding the reasons of that mind blowing sound . Actually the rain had damaged the transformer too much and that was the sound of transformer .

While he was busy in his imagination and thoughts a vkice came which he never had listened before . it was another threat for the Taha . Since he got stuck in working he was facing problem , some unwanted and unusual troubles . But this one has really made him confused , he thought ” I think , I should sleep now , but homework ?? 
Another shock hit him , when he listened  the same voice which he had just experienced . “Is someone there ?  He asked.
“YES YOUR DEATH”  a reply came from the same side .


Published in Young Nation Magazine on May 05, 2018

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