British home secy belongs to TT Singh

TOBA TEK SINGH-Newly appointed British Home Secretary Sajid Javed belongs to a Toba Tek Singh village.
The 49 years old is from a farming family of Chak 252-GB Lasoori located in Rajana area. He is the son of Chaudhry Abdul Ghani Javed who died in UK’s Bristol city in 2012.His late father and family had migrated to UK in 1960’s and Sajid was borne in 1969 in the UK. He was taking part in politics from the platform of British Conservative Party. He is the first Asian and Muslim who reached the very important British state office. He was elected to the member of the parliament in Worcestershire in 2010.
Former District Bar Association president Shahid Iqbal and former PPP unit president Iqbal said that Sajid Javed belonged to a very gentle family and their whole village people were proud that he had been selected as UK home secretary.

Only PTI can be overcome crises

SIALKOT: PTI leaders Umer Dar and Usman Dar vowed to make Sialkot the stronghold of PTI, and said that it was the solution to the national crises.
Addressing the party workers at the Jinnah House, they said that the Islamabad High Court’s verdict regarding Khawaja Asif’s lifelong disqualification had now ended the 32 years dark chapter of his politics of revenge.
They claimed that the winds of change were blowing fast in Sialkot as the people wanted to see the freshness in the prevailing political scenario.
They added that the masses, disappointed with the PPP and PML-N, would now give heavy mandate to PTI and bring it to power. Now only the PTI was ruling the hearts and minds of the people across Pakistan, he said. “Now it is PTI’s turn to form government with the high slogans to make it a Pakistan as envisaged by the Father of the Nation Quaid-i-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah and Allama Muhammad Iqbal,” they added. They said that now the PTI was the only biggest party in the country which was fighting for the provision and protection of the basic rights of the masses.

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