Karak tehsil nazim voted out

KARAK – Tehsil Nazim Abdul Wahab was removed from his office by members of Tehsil Council through successful vote of no confidence on Tuesday.

The uninstalled tehsil nazim was briefly detained by police for interrupting the voting process. Later, on intervention of JUI-F leaders and local elders, Abdul Wahab was released from police station lockup.

On Tuesday morning, the Tehsil Council meeting was held for final voting on the no-confidence motion tabled by members of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) and Jamiat-e-Ulama-e-Islam-Fazl councillors against him. Abdul Wahab also belonged to the JUI-F.

Supporters of both the ousted tehsil nazim and opposition gathered around the council hall early in the morning but due to sensitivity of the situation, deputy commissioner Zariful Muani imposed section 144 around the hall and forced the people to leave the area for smooth conduct of poling on the motion.

When the council members gathered at the hall, Abdul Wahab tried to stop the entry of 2 female tehsil councillors and one minority member by force with the arguments that they had been resigned from their seats.

The voted-out tehsil nazim and opposition members exchanged hot words on the issue, after which the police had to intervene. Abdul Wahab scuffled with the police personnel and later District Police Officer Furqan Bilal reached the spot and directed the police to shift him along with his supporter, Maulana Saiful Islam, to police station Karak.

Later, in absence of Abdul Wahab, polling on the motion was conducted in which out of 15 councillors, 11 councillors cast their votes against him. Only one councillor cast his vote in his favour.

Meanwhile, in a press conference, Abdul Wahab claimed that he was still tehsil nazim and termed the voting as illegal. He claimed that 3 tehsil councillors had tendered their resignations which, he said had been accepted by the election commission.

He said that he would move the court against the illegal process of vote of no confidence.

He added that all tehsil councillors were corrupt and he would not let anyone to make corruption in his presence.

The move came in following election of tehsil naib nazim during the previous week, in which a JUI-F candidate secured the slot.



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