Politics sans principles not acceptable: Pasban

KARACHI –  Pasban-e-Pakistan President Altaf Shakoor has said that the people would reject the politics without principles as it is not beneficial for the nation but only to the vested interests of the elite class.

In a statement here Sunday, he said the articles 62 and 63 are touchstones to ensure electing clean, honest and patriotic people and if the election form process is manipulated in such a way that makes the articles 62 and 63 non-functional, it would be disrespect to the constitution of Pakistan.

He said people should know fully that they are giving vote to honest and clean people and not to thieves and dacoits. He said delay in election is not in the interest of the nation and country but at the same time there should be not compromise on honesty and integrity of the candidates. He said it would be a tragedy if once again same electable turncoats and same corruption mafia people are chosen for our assemblies.

He said if so the whole exercise of five years of electoral reforms and anti-corruption drive would go wasted and it is better to send the democratic process packing, instead of electing thieves and dacoits giving them benefit of lacunas in forms and process of election. He said we strongly demand that nomination process is fully under the provisions of articles 62 and 63.

Altaf Shakoor said the Panama Leaks and resultant judicial activism in Pakistan had revived hopes that our democracy would be purged from corruption mafia, but the recent developments have put this whole exercise in jeopardy. He said the nation needs sending clean and honest people to assemblies to end monopoly of feudal and elite class people who have become very powerful and filthy rich due to their corrupt practices.

He said the elections should be held on time, besides ensuring that corrupt and crooked politicians are not being allowed to once again come to assemblies. He said this would be only possible when the constitution and law is upheld in letter and spirit and no compromise is tolerated on the articles 62 and 63 of the constitution of Pakistan. He said the nation would this time reject the politics and political processes that are sans principles.


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