Brain Tumour Day today

LAHORE – On the eve of Brain Tumour Day, renowned Neuro Surgeon, Prof Dr Khalid Mahmood has said commemoration of day is aimed at creating awareness about brain tumours among general public.

He said, “Unfortunately in Pakistan we do not have central tumor registry for our population while in America 22 cases per one lac population of brain tumors are surfaced and out of these one third are malignant and two third are non-malignant.”

Talking about symptoms,Dr Khalid said brain tumours can present with headaches, problems with vision, epilepsy, stroke, personality changes and drowsiness and if not diagnosed early may lead to comatose condition.

He said great improvement in treatment of brain tumours in Pakistan has occurred and especially in Punjab Institute of Neuro Sciences of Lahore General Hospital modern ways have been adopted and latest diagnostic and operative facilities are available there for this complicated surgery.

He said that generally in expert hands operative mortality of most of brain tumours is less than 5%. He said that contrast CT scan of Brain is widely available. Furthermore in Lahore General Hospital 3 Tesla MRI is also being provided for the general public.

He claimed that there are more than 100 types of brain tumours which start from childhood to different age sections. He suggested that a Neurosurgeon should operate in a way as to steal away tumour from brain during surgery meaning that rest of brain should remain undisturbed and there should be no minimal external evidence of surgery.

He said they have also started painless but awake brain tumour surgery and Punjab Institute of Neuro Sciences removing a tumour as soon as there is early weakness in arm on difficulty with speech.

He asked the patients not to be afraid of the complex problems and face it with courage and strength. Dr Khalid concluded that on this day, doctors should affirm their belief to serve the ailing humanity with new spirit and work on latest research and medical treatment in this regard.

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