Hussain Nawaz denies Kulsoom Nawaz’s death

Hussain Nawaz here on Friday contradicted the media reports that his ailing mother Begum Kalsoom Nawaz has passed away.

Talking to media persons outside the Harley Street Clinic this afternoon, where his mother was admitted after a cardiac arrest, a few days back, he said “She is still gravely ill and risky patient and on ventilator (life supporting machine) although she is in better health position and more stable as compared to the first day when she suffered a cardiac arrest in Intensive Care Unit (ICU) of the hospital”.

He said that his mother was more stable as compared to the first day of admission in the hospital a few days back.

Hussain Nawaz said that due to a clot in her lungs, she suffered a cardiac arrest and was kept in the ICU and under observation.

He said that doctors have told them that she would be kept on the ventilator and no hurry in removing it.

He quoting doctors said that his mother Kulsoom Nawaz was more stable as compared to the first day of her cardiac arrest in the ICU a few days back.

Former prime minister Nawaz Sharif in his brief remark outside the hospital said that health condition of his spouse Kulsoom Nawaz was still critical and sought prayers of the nation for her good health.

On Friday a number of PML-N leaders including former Foreign Minister Khawaja Muhammad Asif, Nihal Hashmi visited the Harley Street hospital to inquired about the health of Kulsoom Nawaz.

While talking to media, Nihal Hashmi said that Kulsoom Nawaz had rendered great sacrifices for the cause of democracy against dictatorship in Pakistan.

She, he recalled, was a brave, noble and courageous women who led the PML-N when her spouse former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif was sent in exile by a dictator.

Nihal Hashmi prayed for the good health of Kulsoom Nawaz.

It may be mentioned here that Kulsoom Nawaz suffered a cardiac arrest a few days back and was shifted to Harley Street Clinic intensive care unit and placed on the ventilator (Life support machine).

According to hospital sources, doctors were making all their efforts by providing Kulsoom Nawaz best medical treatment and greatest remedy.

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