Scotland First Minister invites Muslims for Eid Milan Party

EDINBURGH, Scotland (PR) – The First Minister of Scotland Nicola Sturgeon invited the Muslim community of Scotland for an Eid Milan Party at Bute House, the First Minister’s official residence and home of the Scottish Government.

She praised the Muslim community for the contribution they had made to Scottish society and the valuable contribution they are continuing to make. She wished the Scottish community Eid Mubarak. The event was organised by the Scottish Government, Scottish National Party (SNP) Regional Organiser Qasim Hanif and Scots Asian President Ch. Abdul Majid.

Qasim Hanif said that this was the Scottish Government that is showing unity and respect for the Muslim community by taking part in Eid celebrations. It showed at government level tolerance for a minority faith. The event was attended by top Muslim business leaders, lawyers, professors, civil servants, police officers and other key people in the Muslim community in Scotland.


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