Those pulling strings

The current political scenario; whoever is observing closely knows the truth that non-political forces are running it. But sadly few political forces are being used to gain some power however they are not sure how long they can secure their power. Who will arrest and at what time? All is been decided. A certain directors’ directions and writers’ script is being followed thoroughly. These non-political forces are much powerful, every one knows even the names but none of them can point out. Then think how conspiracy will get undressed? 

The above discussed nonpolitical forces are concerned with Pakistani politics but they by no means understand one minor and basic thing about politics. They couldn’t get that without an authorized system a politician can never dismiss permanently. Politician’s sentence, exile and putting him to jail always seemed appealing to public. How the punishment will crueler he will get public sympathy and respect. There is a quote which guides us clearly, “They buried us. They did not know we are seeds.” I think politician are seeds and non-political actors can not wipe out them easily. 

Another bad luck fly with these non-political forces that they are to retire after certain time period. They only manage their time slot because they are to deal with their promotions, facilities after retirement, postings, vacation and other family issues and worries. So they manage the time period for they are appointed- nothing else. Those who are planning today about political set-up don’t know when they were under training at that time our ousted PM Nawaz Sharif was dealing with their seniors. He was dealing like now captain Imran is doing to dispersal his opponents. Today Nawaz Sharif is much bewared of their plans. Now is much experienced and mature enough. He has parted his ways and got separation from these non-political forces. 

Politicians have many key benefits. Nonpolitical forces get retire after few years and their story ends badly, no one recall them. But politicians become more visionary and established how long they spend time in politics they become extra worthwhile. In current script we found many weaknesses from the day first. Somehow point of view shots (calculations) were also incorrect. First it was assumed, after expelling Nawaz Sharif will straightly go to Jati Umra and will accept everything calmly. Meanwhile he marched towards Lahore against supreme courts’ verdict and began asking mujhay kyun nikala? (Why I expelled?) Then anylasits said N-League will break into pieces. But nothing happened like this, only about 20 members left Nawaz Sharifs’ party and few others joined. Then rumors floated Nawaz Sharif will go to London and will not back and thinking political asylum maybe. When Nawaz Sharif discarded all such possibilities- a messenger asked Nawaz Sharif to stay there in London, will provide you some relief. Nawaz Sharif cared about nothing and he flew from Londonto Lahore with his daughter Maryam. It means these calculations become again false and against the agenda. On their return to Pakistan courts’ verdict became further blurred. Although he is proved guilty but he gained public respect as well and people are forgetting the actual allegations and sentence charge. This is totally against the director and script. While it was assumed that people will not vote to Pakistan Muslim League-N in general election 2018. Yet ball is in public’s court. If Nawaz Sharid and Mariyam Nawaz is judicial victim then don’t forget Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto was also judicial victim. But he became hero to the public and many of political leaders. Even if Nawaz Sharif is not Bhutto but mutiny is common property between both. 

The script is quite pretty but on the paper only, because practically there are flaws and little inappropriate stuff which do not match our national political environment. This script and directors’ direction may hit the picture but how our country will suffer we have no idea. It will be definitely damaging. 


Islamabad, July 16. 

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