Celebs in race for election


Faizan Javed


With four days left to the general election, the bigwigs of major political parties have embarked upon the voyage of election campaigns in an attempt to attract public vote. Some political parties have presented famous people from entertainment industry as candidates. This isn’t the first time showbiz stars have run for elections. Qavi Khan, Mussarat Shaheen, Kanwal Nauman, Tariq Aziz, Inayat Hussain Bhatti, and Mustafa Qureshi have contested elections in the past. In this general election following artistes are contesting the election.





Pakistan People’s Party has given her the party ticket for PS 94.

Gul-e-Rana hopes to solve the issue of water deficiency and guarantees the accessibility of clean drinking water at least for the Lyariittes.



Sajid Hassan

Sajid took to twitter to declare that Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) had given him ticket for NA-256 Karachi. He said he will endeavour to serve the general population of Karachi. Laughingly he said contesting election was not an easy task. “It is a rich man’s world and the poor and middle class people cannot contest election.  “I have experimented a lot my whole life and for me contesting an election was something that I had not done. I wanted to experience as to how people contest election. I know it would be difficult for me to win election but at least I tried to do it sincerely,” Sajid explained.




Jawad Ahmad

Jawad Ahmed will face PML-N President Shehbaz Sharif in NA-132 Lahore. He is contesting against PTI chief Imran Khan in NA-131. He is also contesting the poll against PPP Chairman Bilawal Bhutto Zardari in NA-246 Karachi.  “The reason for forming my own political party ‘Barabri’ is to make an effort to get the people their due rights. There is not a single political party working for labourers and peasants. 70-year history of Pakistan vindicates that politics and elections are just a profitable business for these parties,” Ahmad said.



“Their politics revolve around one per cent of country’s total population which consists of capitalists, feudals, political pirs, waderas, land mafia and other mafias who enjoy control over country’s resources.

“Barabri Party Pakistan is the party of white collar class, common laborers and youth which need to arrange these 99 percent people and send their representatives to the parliament with the goal that they can administer for their own class and guarantee a serene and prosperous life for everybody. I hope our party will win an appreciable number of seats.”





Abrar-ul-Haq is candidate of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) and is contesting against Ahsan Iqbal in Narowal’s NA-78 constituency.

While trying to charm voters, Abrar-ul-Haq has embraced a populist style of campaigning, going by barber shops and tailoring shops and making chapattis at an oven in low-wage territories. The pictures of the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf leader campaigning have been making the rounds on social media along with his supporters. Abrar is also known for his social welfare activities. He is founder and chairman of Sahara for Life Trust.



Ayub Khoso

Pakistan People Party (PPP) has awarded the party ticket to legendary artiste Ayub Khoso. He is contesting election from provincial assembly seat PS-101.  “My agenda is to work according to the vision of Pakistan’s People Party. I want to change the education and health system in Karachi. People will never vote you until you solve their small issues. Whatever ministry I get from the party I will do my work with justice. I have been active in education sector welfare for many years and other social works. I have joined politics for the common man and the poor,” he said.




Abbas Jafri

After an incredible career in modeling, Abbas Jafri is contesting election from PS 125 on PTI ticket, Jafri will challenge rivals in a MQM 9-Zero zone with a populace of 400,000 people.

“PTI is the change Karachi needs and while representing my constituency PS 125 I intend to achieve the change they want to see. Weather, I win or lose I will continue doing my social work. I want to change the culture policies of Pakistan through politics.” “Pakistan has a rich culture. If I win I will first establish Pakistan Fashion Council which will be run by government.


I will promote our real fashion style internationally in fashion weeks.


The money should be given to the workers who do brilliant work in remote areas but aren’t given their proper rights. PTI hasn’t given us any budget for the campaign. We are running the campaign on my own budget,” he said.




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