Feeha defends celebs who traveled to Canada before polls

LAHORE: Hum Awards is all set to take place in Toronto on 28th July, People are still angry with the Pakistani celebrities who neglected their civil duty to vote and traveled to Toronto a couple of days before the awards for the rehearsals.

A few artistes including Ahmed Ali Butt, Yasir Hussain and Saheefa Jabbar Khattak defended themselves and their colleagues on social media. However the public wasn’t happy on any of their clarifications.

The most recent to speak out on this issue is Fashion designer Feeha Jamshed.  In her view, the superstars who flew out to Toronto for the rehearsals of Hum awards were also obeying their civic duty.

She took to instagram and wrote: “Giving a progressive, softer image of Pakistan that our politicians, new or international media [fails] to do” is also a civic duty in her books. She goes on to add that participating in “cultural trade between two countries… so that the expat community can see what we have achieved with such little resources is also a form of civic duty.”

She continued: “I emphasise that voting doesn’t entitle us to judge other people and we should in fact question the people around us in Pakistan who didn’t vote about why they failed to do so rather than the stars who had flown out of the country to work.”

Earlier, Hum TV  emphasised in its statement that only selected stars who were required for rehearsals were flown out early, the rest have been able to vote and then travel to Canada.

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