OBOs, new animated characters

Rio introduces to first ever animated characters, the ever-so-delightful OBOs! With their joyful personalities and mischievous nature, the OBOs are already fast becoming a hot favorite amongst many adults and children.

As irresistible as Rio itself, the OBOs possess a unique charm which has enabled them to find a way straight to our hearts. So far, these adorable blue creatures have already taken center stage in Pakistan’s children entertainment industry with their gibberish blather and hilarious antics.

Launching entirely new animated characters from scratch is undoubtedly a bold move by Rio but the skill with which they have executed the entire campaign is highly laudable.

The mischievous activities of the OBOs are so endearing to watch that they hold immense entertainment value. In the almost one minute long TVC released by Rio, we are given a glimpse into the exciting world of the OBOs, each with their own diverse quirks.

However, while they are all engaged in outdoor activities, the sudden presence of Rio biscuits unites them all by bringing in a sense of amusement and impulsiveness as they cannot resist reaching out for this delicious crunchy snack.

This element is bound to click with all lovers of Rio biscuits who crave for the tasty goodness of Rio biscuits. One of the signature products of the biscuit manufacturing giant Peek Freens, Rio never fails to grab our attention with its matchless taste and outstanding promotional activities. We cannot wait to see what Rio has next in store for its many fans.

For more than two decades now, Peek Freans Rio has consistently maintained its position of being the country’s most favorite cream biscuit sandwich.

The tasty snack not only contains great nutritional value but also touches the lives of millions of people, old and young alike, with its novel and imaginative personality.

A constant companion of young people, Rio not only satisfies their sweet tooth and provides a quick fix for their hunger pangs, but also comes up with innovative ways to engage their curious minds through wholesome entertainment.

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