Empowering women

It is no surprise that women in Pakistan have to face a lot of difficulties be it in the form of gender bias, harassment, safety concerns, education or marriage issues. In this day and age, a vast majority of our women are still restricted in many ways. These hindrances stand in the way of their aspirations and serve as a major roadblock to some incredible goals. This way the multiple talents of our women remain unknown.

However, a few days ago I came to know through the newspapers about a great initiative for young leaders of our country to enhance their self-esteem and become effective leaders. Youth Impact in collaboration with renowned corporate organizations launched a leadership conference named Markhor. Although the initiative welcomed both men and women it was heartening to see women from smaller cities participate and take on the challenges part of their rigorous training. Indus Motor Company’s role as the Official Women Leaders Partner was particularly impressive as it provided a stimulus to promote gender diversity and encourage women empowerment.

Such initiatives can play a major role in advancing women empowerment. They can support our women to achieve the seemingly impossible goals so that our women are empowered to fully utilize their potential not only in Pakistan but across the globe as well. At a time of change, this is an area that needs particular attention and can really change the game for Pakistan.


Karachi, September 6.




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