Rosie swears a $15 hero product

FF LOS ANGELES – Rosie Huntington-Whiteley uses a $15 ‘’hero product’’ for her lips and hands. The 31-year-old model swears by an all-natural multi-purpose balm from Australian company Lanolips, saying it ‘’isn’t smothering or heavy’’ and gives ‘’serious lasting hydration’’ for skin and lips. Rosie wrote on her new website: ‘’This ultra-pure formula isn’t smothering or heavy, as some balms tend to be. (You know the kind: feels good when it’s on, but when it fades, your lips are back to the surface of Mars.)

‘’It can hold up to 400 times its weight in water, for one thing. Dab this blend on all you’ve got from lips to nips-and anything in between-for some serious, lasting hydration.

‘’This balm creates a barrier that serves as a reservoir of moisture, yet it still breathes. Not too greasy, not too heavy-just right.’’

The blonde beauty suggests using the product in the evening for smooth and supple skin in the morning.

She said: ‘’Dab a little on your lips in the evening, then rub the excess into your cuticles for smoother mitts in the morning.’’

The British model – who has 15-month-old son called Jack with actor Jason Statham – has previously shared her five-minute beauty regime.

She said: ‘’First off I start with a little beauty elixir and I spritz it on my face which gives a really nice healthy smoothing glow and it tingles and it feels amazing

‘’The next product I use is glow cream which gives this amazing illuminating feel, then I use BB cream which gives a baby skin affect so anything that says that on the tin can go on my face.’’


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