Strings turn to glory with new song ‘Hum Dono’

LAHORE-The internationally acclaimed band ‘Strings’ has yet again created a masterpiece! Hum Dono, the fifth song from the album 30, celebrates the rich musical years of Strings.

The mystique of the music takes listeners into an imaginary world where love and longing fuse together. Strings with three decades of pop rock experience possess the talent to create the beautifully enigmatic energy that we observe in Hum Dono.

The beautiful chemistry of the real life couple, Sabeeka Imam and Hasnain Lehri, comes across evidently. The calming voice of Natasha Noorani, splendid direction of Soheb Akhtar and everything else that counts for constituting Hum Dono is absolutely flawless.

The scenic backdrop of Mubarak Village adds to the overall feel of the song naturally making us yearn for more as the ballad is based on three verses only without a chorus.

Hum Dono, as the Strings tells us, has inspired them to get out of their comfort zone and create something that is new for themselves as well as the listeners but the overwhelming response and acclaim just stamp the verdict that Strings is unconventional!

The musical duo urges the fans to listen to the song for a couple of times to understand the multiple layers of this song. The lyrics, guitar and Faisal Kapadia’s brilliant vocal chords will for sure prey your mind and leave you yearning for more.

We leave you with the impressive lyrics penned down by the lead guitarist Bilal Maqsood to make you feel a lot in love with those you want to spend ages with.

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