PM inaugurates ‘Pakistan Citizen Portal’

Prime Minister Imran Khan on Sunday said the government is working to improve the governance structure to make the future of country prosperous.

He was addressing a ceremony after the inauguration of ‘Pakistan Citizen Portal‘ in Islamabad today.

The prime minister said Pakistan has immense potential and we need to work hard to make this country better. He said ‘Naya Pakistan’ will only be created when people start owning the system after having confidence in the government.

Imran Khan said the indigenous development of this application is appreciable and it reflects that old colonial mindset has been replaced with accountability for all including government, politicians and public servants.

He said Pakistan Citizens’ Portal will enable the government to understand the performance of ministries and departments. Secondly, future policies will be made after getting the public response and feedback. The Prime Minister said it will also give a better voice to overseas Pakistanis and expatriates.

The PM said our policy is to improve the ease of doing business to attract foreign investment in the country which will help the economy. He said he will get a report on weekly basis to check the performance of various government departments.

Imran Khan said the reward and punishment system in the public sector will also become easier with the coming of this system and the promotions of government servants will be judged on the basis of their performance.

Pakistan Citizen Portal has been set up at the prime minister’s office with an aim to timely address problems of the people and to get their feedback. The portal will be used to send complaints and suggestions to PM office directly.

The PM office will oversee the process of addressing the public complaints and implementation on recommendations.

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