Smoking in teenagers

Smoking becomes a fashion in present Era particularly in University Students. Boys as well as hosteller girls get access to this tool to avoid solution to problems or to show their class high in low class mentality.

But Today I am trying to spread the spotlight on the Warning on cigarette packets. As Now-a-days smokers are immune to see the same Warning “Smoking kills” or the same picture. Its human nature to resist new things but once they become addict to something it cannot affect them. So Cigarette warnings need new and more detailed shapes.

In my opinion there should be a pamphlet in each cigarette packet on which details are mentioned how cigarette affects our Lives and ours Lives. Their picture should be changed on different packets or they must enlarge the picture size on the packet as a regular smoker see cigarette packet 5 to 10 times a day. So when they see these warning it may reduce their smoking.

Least but not last Human Being is strongest creature on this planet Earth and that’s obviously because of his will power.

According to a research people who decided to quit smoking at a moment are larger than those who tried to quit this habit gradually. Government has passed the law not to sell cigarettes to youngsters and even not sell open cigarettes. Not to smoke in public places.

But Laws passed and their implementations Fail. Full stop should be placed by the common waring “Smoking Kills”.


Lahore, December 6.

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