Japan to launch study into possible cyberattacks on autonomous cars

MOSCOW – Japanese authorities intend to launch a study on cybersecurity threats that could target self-driving vehicles in order to prepare the country’s police to deal with attacks of this nature, should they take place, NHK reported on Monday, citing the country’s National Police Agency.

According to the NHK broadcaster, the study will be aimed at analyzing the risks of possible cyberattacks targeting self-driving cars, which need Internet access for navigation, in order to eventually work out special methods for investigating these kinds of crimes. The outlet added that the agency had allocated around $63,000 for the study, which is expected to begin in the next fiscal year — April 2019. The study should help the Japanese government prepare the country to launch its autonomous car service. Japan plans to allow self-driving vehicles onto expressways by 2020, in time for the Summer Olympic Games in Tokyo.


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